UK Coaching Holidays – 5 Reasons why you should book one

Nov 28, 2022 | 0 comments

Even before Covid 19, there were many reasons to book UK coaching holidays. Now the Covid dust has settled, here are 5 reasons why you should book onto one of our UK coach holidays.

1. UK Coaching Holidays are easy and stress-free

Perhaps the biggest reason you would choose a coaching holiday is that someone else has organised everything for you. There’s no staying up late trying to work round complicated websites, no arguments over which is the best route to take, and no planning what to do whilst you’re there. Instead, a coach tour allows you to relax and enjoy the experience, whilst we do the planning!

2. Our coaches come directly to you with home pick up’s

As long as you are booking with a coach holiday company local to you, you can almost always get a pickup close to home. Try to make sure that you go for a company that goes direct (that is: no coach changes) as changing coaches can be laborious and tiresome. It can also add to delays if one group of passengers on a tour is delayed.

With Ross Travel we offer home pick up’s direct to your door, and we never have any coach changes! You will stay on the same coach throughout your holiday, and with the same experienced driver.

3. Booking a coach holiday is better for the Environment

Coach travel is already the greenest way to travel, with one coach taking up to 50 cars off the road and producing 8 times lower carbon emissions than flying and 1.3 times lower carbon emissions than rail travel. Coaches are proven to be the cleanest form of transport and reduce congestion on the roads.

4. We are one big UK coaching holiday family

If you chose to be alone, you can be! However, it’s so easy to chat and meet other holidaymakers. Once you are on the coach you become your own little community, travelling together, seeing the same things and enjoying touring life. It’s a great way to meet new people and hopefully make new friends – and often people do… for life! Many solo travellers appreciate the companionship that coach tours can provide. Coach holiday companies know this and work hard to reduce or even eliminate the extra charges on rooms for sole use.

5. Coaching holidays are cost-effective. Everything is included in one price!

Coach tours generally include transport, accommodation, Breakfast & Evening meals, day excursions (often with entry fees for sights and attractions included) and after-dinner entertainment. Operators usually manage to negotiate special rates for these, meaning coach tours are often cheaper than booking independently. The prices are fixed too, so you’re not at the mercy of dramatically surging prices!


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